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A sample of Paysage Studio works

A sample of Paysage Studio works



Basic terms

  • Site improvement includes the following elements:
  • laying of networks (water, sewage system, electricity, gas supply, engineer- and garden drainage, automatic watering, and gulley)
  • leveling operation
  • entry, roads, plots
  • small architectural forms: pergolas, garden sculptures, and stylish paraphernalia  
  • making of artificial reservoirs (fountains, ponds, and brooks)
  • Unfortunately, we have only few examples of customers’ appeal to a landscape company at the stage of site choosing, before building (purchasing) a house. Timely consultation can define the list of forthcoming works for site development.  

Ex. The choice of the site with light soils (sabulous or sandy loam) and deep groundwater occurrence can deliver from draining, tanking and making engineer drainage into the cottage perimeter; it also influences on house yielding. Such works are additionally chargeable.

The creation of a garden is connected with the necessity of sticking to the sequence of works. Thus, already-existing elements have to be conjugated with the new ones.

  • Ex. Even placing a cottage on a site determines costs for further site improvement: leveling operation, square and longitude of approach roads, and location of auxiliary constructions. It also influences on planting. In particular the quantity of the soil to be moved depends on the level of road organization which in its turn depends on the level of house paving.

  Economically sound sequence of improvement works seems to be as follows:

  • building of a house and auxiliary constructions
  • preliminary subgrading
  • detritus tank work
  • laying of engineer- and garden drainage
  • laying of electric networks
  • laying of automatic watering lines
  • making of ponds
  • corrective earth moving
  • making of retaining walls
  • making of small architectural forms
  • making road-and-path net
  • finish subgrading by fertile layer

It ought to be reminded that each company dealing with beautification has to prepare project with plans of corresponding utility lines and structures.
     Ex.   Plan of automatic watering is based on planting scheme, i.e. requires the dendro-plan confirmed and coordinated by the customer. Plan of electric networks and lightening depends on road-and-path net and planting scheme, etc.

The choice of a site for a country house is determined by a lot of factors. Our specialists are willing to help you in land reclamation. We will provide you with time-schedule, orient you towards sequence of works, and give grounded explanations of how to choose an optimal variant of project realization. We will help you to embody the garden projected in joint authorship with you!


Translated by Kuznetsova Alisa
PhD, Senior Teacher at the English Language Department for the Faculty of International Relations of Saint-Petersburg State University

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